How to obtain your Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Subscription Package IDs, One Time Payment Product ID, and Shared Secret Key to set up In-App Purchase (IAP) in your iOS app?

Follow below mentioned steps to generate Item ID/Package ID/Monthly Subscription Package ID/Yearly Subscription Package ID for In-App Purchase:

Step 1 : Go to iTunes Connect and login to your Apple Developer account
Step 2 : Click on My Apps
Step 3 : Click on the app or click on + to add new app
Step 4 : Click on Manage under In-app Purchases present on left hand side panel
Step 5 : Click on + to add In-app Purchases
Step 6 : A popup will open, select the type of In-App Purchases you want
Step 7 : Click on Create
Step 8 : Enter all the necessary details, such as Reference Name, Product ID, Price, Display Name, and Description

Step 9 : Click on Save
Step 10 : Here is your Product ID(Package ID), copy it. Go to In-App Purchases

Please note : You need to follow the same steps from step 5 to step 10 to generate monthly, yearly and weekly subscription package ID
Step 11 : Click on App-Specific Shared Secret option
Step 12 : Click on Generate App-Specific Shared Secret
Step 13 : Here is your Shared Secret key, copy it and click on Done

Step 14 : Now paste the copied keys in their respective fields on creator software

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