My App Got rejected by the iTunes AppStore for Lacking Functionality, What Steps should I take to get my app Approved?

Apple's approval policies for the App Store for New Apps are very Strict, Following are the Steps that you should take if your app got Rejected:

  1. Try to add more app pages in your app., as more the page you have better are the chances of your approval
  2. Try to add social pages in your app like Facebook, Twitter etc in your app
  3. Add a Video Page and link your YouTube videos to the App
  4. Add an Audio Page link your SoundCloud or BeatPort Music Albums to the App
  5. Add a Photo Gallery to your App
  6. Add Use Interactive Pages like Blog & Reviews
  7. Try to explain Services you offer in detail.
  8. Use Geolocation and camera pages in your app

Basically the Idea here is to create as mange pages as possible so the App Reviewers are amazed by the Functionality you are offering to end User. Once you have made the above changes ( added a few more pages), then we will resubmit your app for review and Hopefully this time you app will be approved and available on AppStore for Download/Purchase.

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