Why is Porkhun discontinuing support for non-secure URLs?

To comply with Google’s policy and to improve the security of our customers, we have discontinued support for non-https URLs. You need to have secure URLs to link a website with your app.

What is changing?

If you want to link your website to your app, you need to have an HTTPS (secure) URL, as we would soon stop supporting non-secure URLs.


Why is Porkhun making this change?

Non-secure websites are vulnerable to greater security risks. Using HTTPs helps prevent your app from security breaches, keeping you as well as your customers’ data safe and secure.


Will the existing websites that do not use HTTPS URLs stop working?

Currently, we are not planning to stop support for pre-existing websites with non-secure URLs. However, this might change in future. If your app is linked with a non-HTTPS URL, we strongly recommend you to migrate all the existing websites to secure URLs.

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