How to create iOS Distribution and Provisioning Profile Certificate for publishing app on Appstoreconnect?

Create your Distribution Certificate

Step 1 : Go to Apple Developer and click on Account

Step 2 :If you have an Apple Developer account, enter your Apple ID, else click on Create yours now option

Step 3 : On the dashboard, click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles


Step 4 : Click on Profiles menu on left hand side panel

Step 5 : Click on Generate a Profile. You can even click on the ‘+’ icon to generate profile

Step 6 : Select App Store under Distribution

Step 7 : Click on Continue

Step 8 : Open the App ID dropdown menu

Step 9 : Select the App ID
Step 10 : Click on Continue
Step 11 : Select the Date under “Select Certificates”

Step 12 : Click on Continue
Step 13 : Enter Provisioning Profile Name

Step14 : Click on Generate
Step 15 : Click on Download to save the Provisioning Profile on your device

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