How to create Provisioning Profile for publishing app on iTunes Connect?

For creating Provisioning Profile you need to create Bundle ID:

Create Bundle ID

  1. Click on App IDs, then click on ’+’
  2. Enter the details
    1. In the App ID Description field, enter app name (No special characters allowed)
    2. In the Bundle ID field, Enter Bundle Identifier (App ID Suffix)
      For example: com.YourAppName.YourAppName

Create a distribution provisioning profile

  1. Click on Distribution Tab ant then click on ’+’
  2. Select App Store/tvOS App Store option Under Distribution and click Continue
  3. Select App Id that you created in previous step and click Continue
  4. Select the latest certificate and click Continue
  5. Enter your App Name in Profile Name
  6. Download the Certificate and click on Done


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